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Who We are

Kalantak name refers to the aspect of Hindu deity Shiv. He was the one and only with capability to allow nature to exist beyond time. Everything changes with time, but nature remains the same and evolves at its own pace.

At Kalantak Tech, we intend to live by the aspect of timelessness by building software solutions that transcends the technology beyond time. Nature, known as prakriti, exists regardless of human intervention and treats everyone equally. Humans have virtue of imagination, effort and build a sanskriti that allows everyone to exist with fair and equal access to resources.

Information technology is a virtue of human imagination and efforts to build a sustainable world for everyone. This domain is polluted with the trend of building temporary tools to disrupt conventional industries and limiting human intelligence to machine capabilities. We intend to change the trend by building software solutions that transform conventional industries with nudges that make them adaptable for future generations, thus creating a virtue of humanity that is beyond time.

We are starting this journey by building platforms for shared mobility platforms. Benefit of mobility has helped businesses to expand locally as well as globally; with technological intervention, we intend to make it sustainable and accessible for everyone. Shared mobility is the tool to disrupt the transportation and position it better for future generations.

Kalantak is based in India, with business units around the world (UK, UAE and USA). Our technology solutions allow every business to leap forward with the digital age while keeping the conventional values, culture and operations intact.

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